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These pets don’t know they’re lost – they only know they can’t find their way home without help!

Chances are very good that your lost pet is in your neighborhood… roaming, scared and confused or possibly in someone’s home who wants to find you but doesn’t know how.

We are THE professional pet finding service.

In just a few minutes and using the most extensive database available, LostPetFinder can notify thousands of targeted households through their cell phones, home phones and those on the National Do Not Call Registry. We reach about 65% of all households in a custom assembled search area. Your detailed message number goes directly to their phones, with your number as the caller I.D. In addition, we’ll have your pets poster on our Facebook page for those contacted to see and share with their Facebook friends, so finding you is super easy and convenient! You can’t do that without us!

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LostPetFinder Services:Perry Liu in LA - Maltese -  2012-03-23 11-53-15

  • Professional Consultation and Search  Strategies
  • One-On-One Personal Problem Solving
  • Caring, Involved Support Through Out The Search Process
  • Multiple Calls Made In Search Area, Capturing Different Times Of  The Day.
  • Follow Up Done On All Searches
  • Available Calls Reporting
  • Facebook Posting

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